Garage Floor Oviedo FL: Options

Oviedo,FL garage floor options

At Sun Surfaces of Orlando, we take care of residential and commercial garage flooring needs that home and business owners have. Oviedo, which is known for the Ovideo Mall and the Taste of Ovideo, is one of the premier communities that we serve in the Orlando area. Our associates have received extensive training in terms of concrete floors. We are ready to work on any type of garage surface that needs to be updated.

There are two types of garage floor options that our team uses. One is polyurea polyaspartic, which takes just a few hours to set. Another is epoxy flooring, which takes a few days to set. While both of these applications differ from each other, the effects are the same in making a surface looks great. Both adhesives are great options if you want to renovate your concrete. Our associates who work on various garage floors do their work quickly and are always prompt in their appointments. Special care is given to cracks and holes in the cement so it won’t create a problem in the future.

We are the leading garage flooring company in Orlando, FL to contact when in need. Keep in mind that we give free estimates on work that can be done for business and homeowners. If interested, we invite people to contact us. Call us now at (407) 423-3342.
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