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Superior Sundek Pool Deck Refinishing Leesburg

 If you have a home or commercial property in Leesburg, FL that is in need of pool deck refinishing, our professionals at Sun Surfaces of Orlando are here to get the job done. Our professionals are highly trained to assist with new or existing decks. We can help give you a new design by using stencils or templates, or a new color for your deck. Those that live in the surrounding areas of Leesburg, FL can contact us as well.

We mainly use Sundek Classic Texture coating on all of our surfaces that we touch. It is a well-balanced coating that locks in protection all around for several years. This is perfect for when the weather conditions are extreme or severely hot. However, even on extremely hot days, the deck will stay cool to the touch and is guaranteed to look unique compared to all other decks around you.

For your pool deck refinishing needs, be sure to contact Sun Surfaces of Orlando today. We will be able to provide you with a free estimate on the services you need and go over the products used to remodel the deck. You can call us at (407) 423-3342.  Additional information regarding the services offered and products used are available here in our website. There is a “Contact Us” form available for you to fill out in order for a customer service representative to contact you to answer questions and schedule service right away.

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