Tasteful Yet Affordable Floor Coloring Techniques

Lake Mary, FL Stamped Concrete FloorSun Surfaces of Orlando provides businesses and homeowners in Lake Mary, FL with beautiful, decorative concrete staining. Our artisans use three different Sundek coloring products, separately, or together, to achieve desired looks for a wide variety of customers. Our products work great on pool decks and driveways, and they can also be used to add a touch of elegance to ballrooms, hotel lobbies and restaurants.

SunAcid is an acid stain applied directly to cement and then treated with water. This process bonds the stain directly to the cement surface, eliminating the possibility of color peeling or cracking as it ages. The translucent appearance of this treatment works well for property owners seeking a natural stone appearance. It can also be combined with other stains for dimensional effects.

SunH2O, our water-based stain, can be used on cement or any cement finishing product. This pigmented solution is often layered to achieve interest color combinations and original patterned effects that cannot be duplicated with other stains. This product is particularly popular for pool decks and hotel lobbies as well as restaurants and offices.

The look achieved with SunDye depends on whether it is applied using water or acetone. Water application offers a mottled look while acetone application gives a darker, monotone effect. This quick-drying stain is popular with customers as it is one of the most efficient and affordable coloring techniques on the market today.

To learn more about concrete staining and get a quote, call Sun Surfaces of Orlando at (407) 423-3342 today. You can also get an estimate by emailing or filling out a Request Form online.

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