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If you’ve never heard of decorative concrete, you’ve probably been living under the assumption that you can’t do anything to change your surfaces without launching a drastic renovation. Sun Surfaces of Orlando is here to change your mind, and you won’t believe the results.

An exclusive Sundek dealer in Orlando with more than three decades of experience working in your area, Sun Surfaces of Orlando brings the advantage of an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau to projects for commercial and residential property owners in Fairview Shores. Call a concrete contractor with an outstanding reputation, and find out why property owners are bypassing the hassle and expenses of major renovations by choosing decorative concrete.

The best choice for Fairview Shores

Fairview Shores is a community where the advantages of small-town living meet the benefits of big-city opportunities. The experts at Sun Surfaces of Orlando know the Orlando-Kissimmee metropolitan area, and they know how to help you choose looks, designs and materials that can stand up to the heat, humidity and occasional hurricane winds that characterize this part of Florida.

Stamped concrete

What if radically renovating your property meant doing something as simple as installing an overlay on your old concrete? Sun Surfaces of Orlando can tell you how and why this technique is an affordable alternative to pricier textiles, but you don’t have to share your secrets with visitors who assume you’ve spared no expense.

Concrete staining

Stamped concrete gives your surfaces new textures, but concrete stains can give them new colors. If you’ve never associated concrete with imagination, let Sun Surfaces of Orlando open your mind to a new world of shades. These signature stains will also treat your concrete for the future, keeping it free from peeling and chipping in sultry weather.

Sundek Classic Texture

A dip in the pool is a pleasant diversion on a muggy summer day in Fairview Shores, but a scorching pool deck isn’t nearly as enticing. Ask about Sundek Classic Texture, a unique treatment designed to keep Florida pool decks safe and cool.

Epoxy flooring

Would you ever consider inviting guests to enter your home through your garage? You might change your mind if your garage floor looked as if it had just been refinished. Contact Sun Surfaces of Orlando to find out how epoxy floors can make your garage the most attractive space on your property.

Polyaspartic floor coverings

If you’re not sure of the differences between polyurea, acrylic, epoxy or urethane floor treatments, don’t rely on your best guess. Rely on Sun Surfaces of Orlando for the industry’s best advice on selecting the floor sealant that’s most appropriate for your situation.

Concrete resurfacing

Once you’ve learned about just a few of the ways concrete resurfacing can revitalize your property, you’ll want to find out more about how these treatments can work for your individual circumstances. Complete a convenient online form to receive a personalized quote suited to your needs.

Act Today

Call now for the answers to all of your commercial and residential concrete questions. Contact Sun Surfaces of Orlando at or (407) 423-3342, and fill out the contact form to get your customized quote.

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