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Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating Conway FL, A Great Alternative For Epoxy

There’s no need for Conway residents and business owners to experience cracked, chipped or otherwise damaged concrete surfaces. Whether you want to resurface your garage floor or improve your showroom floor, Sun Surfaces of Orlando can provide an excellent coating for your concrete rehabilitation needs.

We offer a polyurea polyaspartic coating as an alternative for epoxy coating. In recent years, this high-tech floor finish has become one of the most popular options for concrete coatings.

Why is a Polyaspartic Coating a good alternative for epoxy?

To begin with, this type of finish is tougher than an epoxy coating. Why? It is 98% more flexible and it never fades even under the direct heat of the sun. In fact it retains a high gloss finish indefinitely. It can be finished with a solid color of the customer’s choice. Aside from that, it can be finished using a faux granite or a terrazzo look. These additional aesthetic options can make your floor look more pleasing. Another good news is, this type of application can be installed in just a day. It is fast-curing too!

Why wait any longer? Give your garage floor the perfect touch. Call Sun Surfaces today at 407-423-3342 and get a fast quote.

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