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Long-Lasting Acrylic Cement Coating For The Outdoors

Outdoor Flooring Acrylic Cement CoatingSun Surfaces of Orlando has the perfect acrylic cement coating product to renovate outdoor spaces in and around Conway, FL. Using Sundek Classic Texture, we can refinish a patio, pool deck, entryway, walkway, or driveway whether the existing surface is old or new. An application of Classic Texture yields a new, beautiful, functional surface that is slip-resistant and will remain cooler in the sun than uncoated cement.

As the most durable, reasonably priced decorative concrete Conway FL coating available, property owners will also save time and money on maintaining their outdoor concrete areas as the acrylic coating prevents oil, dirt, and chemicals from penetrating the surface. The cement that is cracking, flaking, or chipping will look totally renewed after receiving an application of Classic Texture. Even property owners who have previously had their cement treated with a similar product, such as Kool Deck, may also benefit from Classic Texture. We can simply recolor and reseal the existing coating as long as it is reasonably intact. The end result will be a totally refreshed cement surface that looks new again.

We are available by phone at (407) 423-3342 to provide more information about our acrylic cement coating and the many different color and design options we offer. E-mail us at or complete and submit our convenient online request form. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate!


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