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Weatherproof Outdoor Floorings With Acrylic Cement Coating

Office Outdoor Floor DesignSun Surfaces of Orlando has the acrylic cement coating that many homes and businesses need in Clermont, FL. As a local business that has served the community well, we understand that concrete surfaces may need to be completely resurfaced or resealed. That is why we are in business to provide an excellent application that will enhance the look of a surface like a pool deck, patio, driveway, or entryway.

The sun can have a damaging impact on the surface. When frequent use of a surface like a patio is added to the equation, it can indicate that a new surface is needed. Our professionals are up for the task. We make sure the cement surface is clean before we begin. The new surface we apply is the Sundek Classic Texture. It is cooler than the previous surface and can reduce the possibility that someone will slip. Besides this, we can add a specific color or design to the surface to give it vibrancy.

While these services are important, we can take care of a surface that may have a problem with cracks or chips. We know how to remove these headaches carefully without causing any damage. The results of our work look great, and customers like what they see. Furthermore, we can reseal an area to give it a professional look while preserving the surface.

People are always welcome to give us a call about our acrylic cement coating that can have a wonderful benefit to an outdoor surface. Call us at (407) 423-3342 to avail of a free estimate or fill the request form on this page.

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