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Decorative Concrete in Altamonte Springs, FL

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Concrete is common in Altamonte Springs, FL, as it is throughout the state of Florida. In the Central Florida town, concrete lines the bridges, houses often include walls with concrete surfaces and of course pool patios of concrete are everywhere. However, just because concrete is common in Altamonte Springs doesn’t mean Altamonte Springs residents have to settle for common concrete. Sun Surfaces of Orlando is a trusted concrete contractor that provides decorative concrete services to the greater Orlando area.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Sun Surfaces of Orlando should be the first company residents and business owners of Altamonte Springs call when they are ready to transform their common concrete surface into a surface that will “wow” friends, family and/or customers.

Transform Your Patio into an Oasis

Florida residents love their patios. When the weather isn’t too hot, sitting outside and relaxing on their patios or pool decks is one of their favorite activities. Most outdoor patios are concrete, however, and over time those plain concrete patios get even more plain as Florida heat and Florida rain both take their toll. Concrete patios that began bright and white look weathered and gray after many years of use.

Contact Sun Surfaces of Orlando to repair and beautify the patio and/or pool deck. The transformation will be so dramatic that your friends will think you created a brand new patio. The contractors will start by repairing the existing concrete, fixing any cracks or chips. Next, they will put on a new concrete overlay. Before it dries, they will stamp it into any pattern you like; common patterns include stone or brick. This technique, called stamped concrete overlays, breathes new life into old concrete without costing a fortune. Once the overlay is dry, the contractors will use concrete staining to complete your patio’s new look.

The finished product will look so great that visitors might not even realize it’s concrete. Without a doubt, the decorative concrete provided by Sun Surfaces isn’t anything like the old concrete that built the Orlando area in the 1950s and 60s.

Give Your Business a Classic Look

Sun Surfaces doesn’t limit itself to residential products. Throughout the Orlando area, the company adds stamped concrete overlays, concrete staining, epoxy floors and other decorative techniques to business surfaces as well.

For businesses, a simple concrete makeover can draw in new customers and make your commercial space look less like suburban Florida sprawl and more like the Florida that was settled in the days when Europeans and Seminoles still fought for control of the land. With a few simple changes to the concrete surfaces around your business, your concrete walls, patios and walkways will suddenly have a classic and classy look that the other businesses around you do not have. Even your regular customers will think you’ve invested heavily into a total rehabilitation of your old concrete surfaces; few will ever guess that the new surface isn’t flagstone or brick or stone but just well-decorated concrete.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, don’t rest content with your cracked old concrete for a moment.

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