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Add Color & Texture To Your Residence With Sundek Installation

Sun Surfaces of Orlando provides stamped concrete products, installations, and related repairs in the Altamonte Springs, FL area. We can install stamped finishes over new or old cement slabs. This is a major advantage of stamping; it avoids the costs of removing an old slab and installing a new one. We can repair and clean the old surface to prepare it for installation of a flexible overlay. When set, we stamp the owner’s preferred pattern onto the overlay. Once it has hardened, we add color and texture. We complete the installation with a protective clear coat.

stamped concrete overlays Orlando FL

Homeowners can have the look of their favorite traditional coverings such as brick, tile, slate, and stone at a fraction of the costs of those high-end materials. Further, they can choose colors that blend into decor or color schemes from a wide range of rich tones and shades. Stamped finishes are low maintenance and durable. Homeowners will save on cleanup and maintenance costs when compared to traditional materials. Stamped finishes are completely customizable; homeowners will be able to match or blend colors with an overall design or theme as they wish.

At Sun Surfaces of Orlando, we welcome calls and questions from area homeowners about our excellent stamped concrete services and installations. Please call us at (407) 423-3342. We are waiting to answer questions, handle requests, and schedule free estimates. Those seeking price information on work planned for any area location can fill out a request for quote form here. We will respond promptly to all requests. Customer satisfaction is a top priority; please call or fill out a request for quote today.

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