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Remodel Your Outdoor Surface From Plain To Perfect

Sun Surfaces of Orlando offers an exciting service to Altamonte Springs, FL residents exploring options for concrete resurfacing. 

Utilizing Sundek Classic Texture, our high-quality cement refinishing product, we can resurface virtually any cement surface, whether old or new. 

Regular cement that is chipping, flaking, or has cracks can be completely transformed, resulting in a brand new surface that features one of our versatile decorative finishes.

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Why Choose Sun Surfaces of Orlando?

Comprehensive Resurfacing Solutions

We can rejuvenate virtually any walkway, driveway, pool deck, sidewalk, or entryway with a new finish that is slip-resistant, durable, and functional. Our acrylic cement coating remains cooler in the sun than untreated cement, enhancing comfort and safety. Available in a variety of designs, our coatings complement virtually any decorative scheme, ensuring your surfaces look spectacular.

Expertise in Treating Existing Coatings

Even cement areas previously treated with alternative acrylic coatings such as Kool Deck can benefit from our professional services. If the existing coating is reasonably intact, we can simply recolor and reseal the deck, giving it a fresh, brand-new appearance. 

For more extensive improvement, we offer overlay options to restore and renovate your surfaces.

Durability and Aesthetics

Our high-quality materials ensure long-lasting durability, protecting your surfaces from further damage. The slip-resistant properties of our coatings add safety to your outdoor areas, making them perfect for walkways and pool decks. 

With our diverse range of colors and designs, you can customize your surfaces to match your aesthetic preferences. Our affordable renovation services are designed to enhance and improve the look and functionality of your property.

Our Services

  • Concrete Resurfacing: Transform old, cracked, or worn concrete into beautiful, functional surfaces.
  • Sundek Classic Texture: Apply a high-quality, durable overlay that enhances the appearance and longevity of your surfaces.
  • Custom Finishes: Choose from a variety of designs and colors to create the perfect look for your outdoor spaces.
  • Recoloring and Resealing: Refresh existing coatings with a new color and protective sealant.

Contact Us Today

We invite homeowners in the Altamonte Springs area to visit us online and learn more about how we can help turn dull cement into something spectacular. 

Our professional team of experienced contractors is ready to assist you with your next project, ensuring top-quality work and competitive pricing for all our clients. 

Whether you need driveway repair, concrete resurfacing, or other repairs, we provide exceptional value and results. We serve multiple cities, including Apopka, and our business has a proven track record with excellent reviews. 

For any questions or to get an estimate, contact us today and let us enhance the look and durability of your property.

Call us now at (407) 423-3342! Transform your outdoor spaces with Sun Surfaces of Orlando and enjoy beautiful, durable, and functional surfaces year-round.

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