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Acrylic Cement Coating For Your Home Or Business Property

acrylic cement coating pool deck Orlando FL

Sun Surfaces of Orlando offers residents and businesses an excellent acrylic cement coating for concrete surfaces. We use Sundek Classic Texture for the best results. When we complete a job, the concrete surface looks like it is new.

Dirt and chemicals can try to penetrate a concrete surface. A great way to protect a driveway or patio is to resurface the concrete. The new surface, which is by Sundek Classic Texture, is cooler to the touch when compared to a normal concrete surface. While slips are always a concern for parents and others, the new surface can help people maintain their grip on the ground. People who want a new color or design on their pool deck or entryway can choose from a wide selection of options. Other applications can be combined with the Classic Texture.

Residents in Altamonte Springs, FL may want a patio surface looking great, but it does not need to be resurfaced. What we can do is reseal the area. We start this process by cleaning the surface thoroughly. We add color to places on the concrete that have faded. After this, we apply the sealant for protection. After this work has been complete, the surface looks fantastic.

Some surfaces have many cracks. Other surfaces may see chipping and cracking. Our team can address each of those problems. Besides this, we reseal the surface to create a sharp look.

Visitors are invited to give us a call for more helpful information concerning acrylic cement coating. You may  receive a free estimate on surface work by calling us at (407) 423-3342 or by sending an e-mail to

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