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Home Protection Series #1: Home Lockdown

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Today we are going to start a 3-part home protection blog series for Sun Surfaces of Orlando. We care about your decorative concrete services, but we also care about your property. We want you to be able to enjoy and have the best feeling towards your home. In that way, we’re not only beautifying your residential concrete space, but we’re also providing you with some ways on how you can maximize the beauty and safety of your home.

west coast home stamped concrete

First up in this series, we’ll be talking about a home lockdown. If your family loves to travel or if you regularly go on weekend family or business trips, the security of your home once you leave is of the highest concern. You have to be sure that it’s safe and secured from intruders and thieves. By taking some precautions, you can avoid these people from ever setting foot on your property.

Set-up a Home Alarm System

This one’s pretty basic and essential, but if in case you haven’t got one, do it now. It has proven to be effective and you can easily ward off intruders with this.

Set a Timer for Your Lights

Setting these lights to turn on at different times of the day would make your home appear as if it’s occupied.

Install a Webcam as a Surveillance Camera

Webcams are less expensive as compared to surveillance cameras. So invest in a few and install them at home. From here you can see what’s happening at home at a very little cost. The quality of the video depends of the camera, but your main objective is just to see what’s going on.

Deadbolt Locks that Make Intruders Drop Dead

No, we’re not talking about mutant lock or sophisticated signal locks that detect and intruder and kill him right away with a laser (or something like that). Have a bunch of locks installed on all your doors so that it would be hard to break in and it’s impossible to pick the lock. It can also be used side by side with your home alarm.

Freeze your Mail and Newspaper Delivery

When these pile up, your home is basically saying “hey guys no one’s home wanna see what’s inside?” Make sure to make arrangements online or with the US Postal Service and Newspaper outfit to put your subscription on hold for the duration of your absence.

Social Media Silence

Yep, you might want to post pictures of your trip so that your friends could see or know. This is okay but be sure to not post as often and don’t share where you are. You never know who can see your vacation plans. But to make this more secure, you can go to your privacy settings and make your account super private that only a select people can see where you are.

Unplug Your Electronics

It’s important to unplug all unnecessary electronics in your home. This can not only avoid freak fires but also avoid the chances of getting hacked on your computer. This saves you from personal accounts (social media and online financial accounts) being hacked and tapped into.

Turn off your Automatic Garage Doors

Some thieves can just use a universal remote open your garage doors. Turn them off for safety and security.

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