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Garage Floor Coating Options

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Your garage might be the last on your list when decorating or upgrading your home, mostly because home improvement may be too expensive and the garage is not usually the place where you usher your guests to. However, transforming your garage floor from a bleak, gray concrete to a stylish, color-coated base can be done at a reasonable price, and you need not be uncomfortable showing it to your guests and neighbors anymore. Here are a variety of garage floor coating options you can choose from:


Epoxy is the most commonly used floor coating due to its durability and resistance to chemicals. It binds very well with concrete and dries fast in just hours upon application. Recoating is usually necessary after a minimum of 3 years, depending on the floor’s use.

However, epoxies are prone to dulling and yellowing through time, especially if the floor is exposed to sunlight. Application of epoxy must be done with utmost care and control. Contaminants, trapped air, and present moisture can mar the smoothness and uniformity of the applied epoxy. Other factors to be considered when applying epoxy to garage floor are the thickness of application, temperature and humidity, and curing time. One-part epoxy products are easier to apply compared to those with two-part epoxy, probably due to their less viscosity.

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Latex Paint

Latex paint is the cheapest of all floor coats available in the market. While not as hard and long-lasting as the other garage floor coating options, latex paint gives less fading and yellowing through time and minimum chances of cracking or peeling. It also dries fast and provides high gloss and light attractiveness.

Latex paint is easy to apply. If there are contaminants or dirt present on the floor and difficult to remove, or if your floor needs a new color twist, application of latex paint is the best alternative, considering easy cost, time and effort.


Polyurethane or simply urethane has many advantageous properties that dub it as one of the most high-performing types of floor coating. These include extreme durability and resistance against chemicals, physical wear, and climatic conditions such as temperature, humidity, and moisture. It also has a fast curing rate, and despite its glossy finish, provides non-skid flooring for both wet and dry conditions. Due to these characteristics, urethane is considerably high-priced compared to other floor coating options.

The application of urethane is more effective if the concrete floor is dry since moisture can react with it and form a gas, resulting in unattractive effects after curing. Most home improvers initially apply epoxy primer on the floor, before putting the urethane. Urethane binds strongly with epoxy, resulting in a durable floor coating with a more classy finish.

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Polyurea, a derived substance from polyurethane, is usually selected for garage floors that support heavy traffic. This is because of its high resistance to corrosion and abrasion. It also gives very good thickness with just a single application. The very fast curing rate of polyurea requires a careful and speedy application, usually by an expensive applicator-like spraying device.


Polyaspartic, on the other hand, is a derivative of polyurea, also known as polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea or simply polyaspartics. Polyaspartic cures very fast, usually for a maximum of 120 minutes, a rate slower than polyurea’s 3 seconds. It can also withstand extreme cold or hot temperatures, and due to its watery nature, is easy to apply in a one-time coating.

Polyaspartics provide the best advantages you can get from both epoxies and urethanes that it is no surprise anymore for polyaspartics to be many times more expensive than the two said garage floor coating options taken individually.

Acid Stains

Application, maintenance, and recoating are added expenses considered when choosing the best from several garage floor coating options. One economical choice is an acid stain for concrete. Unlike the usual coatings which are painted on the surface, acid stains immerse and permanently color the concrete floor. For added shine and protection, a sealer with glossy properties is usually applied after acid staining. Acid stains come in a variety of colors which result in different designs.

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These garage floor coating can be yours. All you need to do is contact your local decorative contractor. They will give you an estimate for your garage flooring and other decorative concrete needs.

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