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Tips on Maintaining my Garage Floor Coating?

Garage areas, despite having the greasy action going on, become one of the dull spaces. It’s due to neglect. When oil and chemical spills, stains get stuck, and surfaces crack because of falling heavy items, maintaining the action-packed space creates a challenge. 

Good thing a garage floors coatings Orlando come for your rescue. Cleaning the automotive space will be an easy task. It will spark enjoyment, as well, if you’ll only know what steps and tips to follow. To see that a daunting task becomes a success is a great relief. 

How to keep your garage flooring looking cool and sturdy, find out from today’s blog! 


garage maintenance

1- Swift Sweep

A fundamental step to every cleaning duty is simply sweeping. How can you apply a more innovative solution if the quickest and basic one is hard for you to start? So, get those brooms and mops and do a swift swinging of your cleaning tools on the surface.

While doing this, pay attention to spots and corners that may reveal before you damage that needs an expert flooring contractor’s treatment. So, go ahead and start sweeping now.

2- Mop it out

The first tip is simple advice for you to employ a necessary fix. This next tip is still basic, using a damp mop can help you figure out if the grimes and chemical stains stuck on the surface had marked permanently. They may be not. And a basic water-soap solution can remove the oil stains away.

After doing this and seeing the surface were once again clean and clear, you will be thankful. How much have you saved before calling the pros when you can handle it first.

3- Scrub Against Rust

Three common surface issues need scrubbing:

  • Tough dirt
  • Stubborn stains and grimes
  • Rusts

The first two can be remedied by the first two tips. The third, rust, is rather a much difficult form or dirt to face. Rusts are common in garages. Heavy metal objects plus solvent and chemicals leaking and interacting with the tools will create rusts.

They are hard to remove because it involved a change in their natural state. 

So how can you solve this? See the following basic procedure below:

  • Prepare the materials:1 ounce TSP solution (trisodium phosphate) to a gallon of hot water; broom with stiff bristles.
  • Pour the solution over the concrete. This is good for at least a two-car garage area size.
  • Let the solution sit on the surface for around 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Start scrubbing! Using a hard-bristled broom, scrub the rust away. Then Rinse
  • A second scrubbing with water and vinegar solution should help ease the scrubbing once more. RInse again!
  • Repeat if necessary. Then have a final rinse.

4- Patch Cracks and Seal the Concrete

Good thing that you have read this list today. After finding out that there are three easy, necessary steps for cleaning your concrete garages, you can identify which conditions need expert attention.

When sweeping and rinsing the surface exposed areas where cracks and deep dents exist, then it’s time to call the pros. PAtching is not simple. Though some tips will guide you to DIY patch the damaged concrete. However, there are necessary tools that will fix the issues with precision. You matt not have those.

For crack filling, it is necessary to let professional flooring contractors come to your aid.

Last Tip

Lastly, when the pros handle the job, they will see that a proper fix has been given. They will seal the final layers so that the once daunting floors’ natural sturdiness and seamlessness be restored!

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