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WHY EPOXY: 3 Reasons Why it’s expensive (and 2 why it is worth it!)

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Why Should I Epoxy My Garage Floor?

It’s important to ask yourself why you should epoxy your garage. Before you make that jump into the bandwagon of the popular garage floor choices, answer this first. Not everyone is qualified for epoxy. Also, you might want to understand why an epoxy garage is an investment.

Why is Epoxy Expensive?

  • High Price Raw Materials

The resin used for epoxy floors is not like the other resin products. Some epoxy materials use low-end resin. But since epoxy floors carry all the weight on space, it requires a high-end type of material. 

The basic component of resin would cost $240 to $250 per pack. In making the large project as flooring, a square foot area-size will need to use two packs at least.

  • Required Precision

Creating the epoxy for flooring areas requires minimal to NO errors at all. If a mistake takes place in the process, the manufacturers need to do everything all over again. You can not tolerate errors for epoxy.

With the high precision needed in using epoxy, manufacturers hire highly skilled workers to produce the product.

As a consequence creating a project requiring the use of top-tier materials requires a skilled artisan as well.

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  • Demand is High

One of the advantages of using epoxy is that it makes a food-safe space. Thus, that makes this material’s demand a bit high compared to other options. With this increased demand comes a strict need for standardization. Epoxy materials must pass regularization rules from the food and drug association.

Why is it Worth it?

Epoxy flooring Orlando does not come cheap indeed. However, those who use this type of material reap the best for their properties. Just imagine how much you can save when you use a super durable material that keeps the floor in the best shape. 

Having this as your choice for flooring will save you expenses for repairs. No doubt it is worth your cost! And here are two reasons why!


Of course, epoxy is durable. And now you probably heard this for the nth time that it has two-part solid components: the unwavering resin and hardener!

Add up a typical concrete’s lifespan with epoxy, and you have floors that will resist any hard impact. This means as well that you got fewer repairs. Thus a durable material also allows you to use less energy. It saves you time and effort for maintenance.

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Durable also goes hand in hand with being sustainable. A building material expands its lifespan when it is being developed and used continuously. 

In the US, old houses with concrete materials live longer by letting the owners pass down the ownership of their estate to a relative. In this way, the new owners can take care of the property and provide conscious maintenance.

With floors layered with epoxy, the material will outlast its expected lifespan. Epoxy-enhanced floors are worth it for new owners. They will not need to throw the old flooring materials, especially when they see that the slabs’ surface and entirety are intact.

All these perks can be yours! Contact your local expert in epoxy flooring now. They can provide you with a free quote for your floors.

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