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Epoxy Flooring Orlando, FL: Proven Superiority

Bringing the best and most innovative flooring solutions for residential and commercial spaces is Sun Surfaces Orlando with epoxy flooring!

Functional floors without compromising aesthetics – this is how epoxy floor coatings work for your busy and messy areas at home, offices, retail stores, and business properties.

Ever wonder how you can maintain the floors in the garage, kitchen, and outdoors at home without spending too much on maintenance? Or how can you keep an attractive space with less downtime for your business area?

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Our company specializes in meeting client satisfaction, especially in producing masterfully crafted floorings. Here is more to learn about Sun Surfaces Orlando epoxy floor contracting services:

  • 30+ years of contracting experience, making sure that client’s needs are a top priority
  • Adding appeal and value to your properties is our every project’s aim.
  • We are an exclusive Sundek installer, ensuring that only top brand and top tier materials and supplies consist of your floors.
  • Working with our professional contractors only assures you to get quality, durable epoxy floor coating applications
  • Cost-saving methods and process, no contingencies and unexpected fees
Have a one-on-one talk with our reliable contractors to compute your epoxy floor installation and resurfacing cost. Free quote!

Epoxy Floor Benefits

Regardless of what type of car is parked in the garage, it is vital to have superior flooring to maximize the benefits acquired. Here are some of the most notable garage floor epoxy advantages:

  • It is a durable material that is quite resistant to impact and abrasion. It is also durable enough to withstand the weight of vehicles and other heavy equipment stored or used in the garage.
  • It is resistant to ugly stains caused by paint or chemicals because of its non-porous surface, making it difficult for pigments to penetrate.
  • Tire marks are one of the most common floor issues. It is caused by the leaching of plasticizers, a chemical in rubber that makes it flexible, into the floor’s top coating when the tires become hot. Since it is heat resistant and very dense, the possibility of staining is very minimal.
  • Low-maintenance floors are always appealing to residential and commercial floor owners. An epoxy floors maintenance regimen would only include simple sweeping or an occasional wet mopping.
  • Aesthetic appeal is fundamental even in epoxy garage floors. It is time to let go of the traditional greasy surfaces that most people are used to. It looks good on its own, but it can be further customized with colored paint chips for a terrazzo-like effect. Epoxy has variety of design options you can choose from. 
  • Epoxy concrete floors are definitely worth the minimal investment in value. Coating old concrete floors is a much cheaper option than any other flooring material.

Application Areas for Epoxy Flooring

Messy and hard-to-keep floors like those in the garage are prone to use and abuse. Tire marks, grease, and stains are just some of the most common issues of any garage flooring, be it a residential or commercial setting. Epoxy is a two-part material known for its durability and excellent adhesion. Putting these together, epoxy coating is simply the best solution to prevent typical floor issues.

You can also make durable, long-lasting, seamless, resistant floors in heavy traffic and heavy use areas such as commercial spaces, offices, showrooms, factories, and warehouses.

Here are the common application areas for epoxy coatings:

Residential Areas

Epoxy is easy to clean, stain resistant and slip resistant making it perfect for your homes, especially for the following spaces:

  • Residential garages
  • Kitchen floors
  • Living rooms
  • Hallways
  • Basements

Commercial Areas

Spaces used for business activities sure would often get abused. Damages would often occur due to constant foot traffic. In commercial areas, you need a floor that is waterproof, chemical resistant, impact resistant low maintenance and easy to install. Have epoxy covered the floor surfaces if you got these areas for your business:

  • Manufacturing labs
  • Showrooms
  • Food laboratories
  • School gymnasiums
  • Sanitation areas
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Hotel lounges
  • Retail stores

Are you looking for the best Orlando flooring companies that can get the job right? Then Sun Surfaces of Orlando team of experts is the superior choice. We also provide use only the best products and tools. 

We are a trusted epoxy flooring company with 30 years of experience in epoxy flooring installations. We transform concrete floors from utilitarian surfaces to masterful creations. 

We are an exclusive Sundek installer in Orlando Florida, and have been recognized for our excellence in design and craftsmanship. Our loyal customers keep coming back for our services because of the results we deliver. 

Want to know more about eco-friendly, stylish, versatile and affordable Orlando epoxy flooring? Ready for an estimate? Give us a call! It would be the best decision you will ever make with our garage flooring contractor Orlando!

Frequently Asked Questions

Epoxy flooring coatings are durable and can withstand strenuous activities. This is one of the things we love most about epoxies!

Ceramic tiles are a popular flooring installation material for designers. With so many colors and styles to choose from, you can decorate your home’s floors with the perfect look! Ceramic is especially durable against moisture as well making it great in homes that experience flooding or humidity because there will be no damage done to these beautiful tile surfaces.

Epoxy is a cost-effective material for construction projects. A strong, durable, and inexpensive product with unlimited applications in the home building industry.

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