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What to Expect with Epoxy Flooring

epoxy garage floor orlando

Using epoxy flooring Orlando in our garages, basement and other innovative spaces at home is a fun experience. The customization you can do is endless, and ideas keep flowing on designing and applying the epoxy floor coatings.

The flooring material is an investment. You should have a clear set of plans when remodeling the spaces in your properties.

Today’s blog shows you what to expect with epoxy floors. There are good sides and bad sides, and it is better to weigh what would benefit you from what would challenge you.

The Upside and Downside You Need to Consider When Using Epoxy Floor Coatings

First, let us take a quick review of epoxy, making the material use with ease and care. So, remember that this material is a super adhesive coating. While it helps you coat the concrete floor quickly and fast, controlling its curing time is an impossibility.

Consider the material a permanent fixture once it’s applied. So, if you made a mistake installing it, there is no other way for you to reverse the outcome.

First, let’s make you aware of the downside you need to watch out for to prevent making a flooring mess.

The Downside

1. Epoxy flooring materials have a strong scent when applying the liquid compound

Although epoxy is revered for having zero to low VOC, experiencing the unpleasant scent of the resin polymer chemicals can still reach one’s nostrils.

The quick cure action of the coating makes many unaware of how strong the fumes it releases. But while you are there in action and the newly poured epoxy touches the surface, you would receive its pungent scent while in its liquid form.

This disadvantage directly affects the installer. Thus, the experts would always wear their protective gear when handling epoxy. So, unless you got the right tools and PPE’s, it is better that you leave this job to the experts.

needle roller on top of an epoxy coated floor

2. Longer curing time for massive spaces

Epoxy benefits from curing in no time, but that works best for 2- car garage sizes to 3 car sized garages.

You might not enjoy this perk when applying epoxy on a huge flooring space like those in a manufacturing lab or gymnasium. There would be challenges, so it is best to plan the flooring improvement when using the epoxy.

3. More expensive than other floor coating materials

Another factor that may discourage you from using epoxy is its cost. Even the experts would agree that you need to invest in this flooring and be willing to pay the price. It is not recommended to use epoxy if you plan to resurface the floor area every year.

It would help if you planned to have a permanent epoxy flooring and make it coincide with your property’s overall theme.

The Benefits

1. Limitless custom design

Epoxy flooring is probably the ultimate game-changer in the decorative floor industry. Epoxy flooring designs can range from plain polished colors to three-dimensional images. Combine the technique with digital printing, and anything you desire is possible. The sky is the limit.

2. High-functioning floors

Epoxy floorings are high-functioning floors that are suitable for demanding spaces. Such would be garage floors, laboratories, and food manufacturing spaces.

Also, epoxy flooring is the best system for high safety spaces like hospitals and restaurants. Such floors would need an easy-to-clean area to have no room for bacteria to grow.

garage floor epoxy orlando

Final Thoughts

Knowing today’s list helps you make a wiser decision. Like any other technology product, you could expect that there would also be disadvantages aside from the good things that come with it.

Do not let the downsides drag your property down the undesirable path. It is always best to contact professional contractors to help you sort out the disadvantages of flooring service and product.

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