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This 2019 Let’s Make Eco-Chic Interiors Happen

The threat of global warming and the continuous decline of the planet’s health is increasingly alarming. To keep up with the call for eco-friendly and sustainable living options, eco-chic interior design is becoming popular. Architects, contractors, and property owners are trying to contribute to the environment. Environmentally ethical practices are now heavily considered to reduce the carbon footprint and minimize pollution. Not only that but going green is also beneficial to one’s physical and mental health. This article discusses the different ways you can make eco-chic interiors that happened in 2019.

Think Ethically-Sourced and Sustainable Materials

The materials used are an integral part of practicing environmentally sustainable interior design. These should be ethically sourced and sustainable. This includes fabrics, flooring materials, paints, treatment products, and more. One of the most eco-friendly materials is concrete because it is long-lasting and emits very few chemicals. Decorative concrete is a popular option applied in homes and establishments. Aside from concrete, other sustainable materials like bamboo and cork are great options.

Energy and Water Consumption Awareness

Putting immense consideration into energy and water consumption is essential in creating an eco-friendly home. Planning the efficient use of these two utilities can greatly reduce waste and pollutants. Applying this in interior design would mean efficient water and energy systems. Omitting water features or other installations that don’t necessarily apply the practical and effective use of water is one way to go. Another way is to opt for energy-efficient appliances and fixtures. Not only will this positively impact the environment, but it also saves property owners from costly utility bills.

Maximize the Natural

For decorations and accents, consider maximizing the natural. Using driftwood or reclaimed wood creatively is one of the best suggestions. Aside from this, designing property in a way that optimizes natural light is also an option. Another thing to consider when using materials is that these shouldn’t just be natural. These should also be easily renewable. This avoids the dramatic depletion of natural resources on our planet.

Ask your local decorative concrete contractor about practical and eco-friendly options for renewing and enhancing concrete surfaces. With decorative concrete, this could be possible for indoor and outdoor installations. Visit our homepage to know more. For more interesting articles, feel free to read through our blog.

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