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Garage Floor Makeover: Easy & Affordable Options

The hardwood on the living room floor has just been waxed and polished. The kitchen’s tiled floor is all squeaky clean. We are all so caught up with improving our floors that we forget one other interior floor that also needs some TLC: the garage flooring. Often made of concrete, it can get damaged easily because of its tremendous exposure to foot and vehicular traffic, the impact of falling tools, the total weight of equipment stored in the garage, and more. If yours need a concrete repair or a complete makeover, but you don’t have the time and budget for it, here are options you might want to consider:

garage flooring OrlandoEpoxy Flooring

Probably one of the most popular coatings for garage floors is epoxy. It is a two-part material that, when mixed, dries to a really hard plastic that is ultra-durable. It comes in various colors and it can be customized with micro paint chips to make it look like granite or terrazzo. Epoxy floor coating is resistant to impact, abrasion, ugly stains, and more.

stained garage floorConcrete Staining

If your garage floor has no surface damage whatsoever but could definitely use a makeover, staining it would be a great idea. If you want a stone or leather-like look in earth tones, then an acid-based stain would be the product for you. Water-based types are more appropriate to use if you want to incorporate a design or pattern, like your company logo.

polished garage floorPolished Concrete

For more contemporary or industrial themes, leaving the concrete as it is will do. But one thing you could do to make it more appealing is to polish the surface. No, this has nothing to do with wax or any other similar product. Using a grinder, a contractor grinds the concrete floor using a series of grits from coarse to fine.

vinyl garage flooringRubber or Vinyl Mats

If you don’t want anything permanent, interlocking mats are great for you. Rubber mats can be linked together, and because they come in various colors, they can be arranged in a decorative pattern. If one gets damaged beyond repair, simply remove it, throw it, and replace it with a new one.

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