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East Coast vs West Coast: Which Design Style Is Better?

When it comes to iconic rivalries, the East Coast-West Coast rivalry is probably one of the most famous. From food to rappers, they each have their own champion and their own kind of style and audience. And that, of course, extends to home decor.

west coast to east coast

Because of the thousands of miles that separate the two coasts, their home design style has grown independently of each other and today vastly differ from one another. If you’re a recent homeowner or renter looking for some design inspiration, the styles of the coasts may give you something to work off of, even if you’re not from either of them. So which style is better?


Color is the area where the East and West coasts differ the most. The East Coast favors a darker and richer color palette of tones like oxblood, navy, and browns. “Bright” pops of color are usually mid-range jewel tones that give an elegant and sophisticated look to the room. 

east coast living room stamped concrete
West Coast home living room

On the other hand, West Coast homes usually have a lighter and more modern color palette of tones like beige, shades of grey, and light bright colors for the home. Popular colors of recent years like pink, coral, and sunny yellow can usually be found in the home decor.

west coast living room stamped concrete
East Coast home living room


The East Coast tends to be colder and the materials that are popular for their homes reflect that. Wool, dark wood, and even a luxurious material like velvet fit well into the East Coast style. They usually have richer and heavier fabrics and materials for their homes.

The West Coast has an overall warmer climate than their friends on the East Coast. This is reflected in their choice of materials and fabrics like linen, light cotton, and light or bleached wood. The climate and the general lifestyle on the West Coast needs a lighter and more functional home that is not heavy in design or material.

Decor style

Generally, one can tell where a house is based on just the type of decor that is used, how it is put together, and the overall vibe of the home.

Because the East Coast has older and more historic buildings and homes dating as far back as the 19th century, the style of the furnishings tends to be more classic and traditional to reflect the structure of the home. There is a hint of sentimentality and nostalgia and everything from the color choice to the materials used reflect that in an East Coast home. 

east coast home concrete stamping
East Coast Home

Dark wood, rich blues, and reds are popular for homes on the East Coast but many have modernized that style to also mix in lighter shades of beige and white as well as glass and metal.

On the other hand, the West Coast has more homes that have been built in the last few decades as it has exploded as the tech center of the world and an economic powerhouse. Because of this modernity, decor styles tend to be more modern. Minimalist furnishings and lighter less ornate furnishings and decorations make the West Coast style what it is.

west coast home stamped concrete
West Coast Home

So which is better?

Both styles have a distinct and important stylistic voice, but it will ultimately depend on the person on which style is objectively better. If you like a more modern minimalistic style, the West Coast style is probably for you. But if you love the look of traditional and classic mid-century furnishings, the East Coast has it for you.

But it doesn’t hurt to love both and mix elements together to make your own distinct style at home. And whichever style you want to incorporate in your homes, a tap of help from a concrete contractor will surely provide you with the best results.

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