Different Types of Concrete Flooring

There are many types of concrete flooring coatings and systems which are all used to cover bare concrete. These concrete coatings are used for aesthetic reasons, protective purposes, or simply to comply with building codes and regulations within a specific area. These various types of coatings each have their own benefits and limitations. To help you decide which coating is best for your floor, it is best that you understand the differences in each type as well as their general costs.

One of the most popular concrete coatings is the concrete sealer. The concrete sealer is a basic coating that requires the least amount when it comes to preparing the floor before the actual coating application process. Concrete sealers protect the concrete from chemical spills, food stains, and foot and vehicle traffic. At the same time, concrete sealers make cleaning concrete so much easier. Paints, enhancements, and other coatings will not do as much good on the floor if you do not apply sealers at the onset.

Concrete flooring solutions such as commercial concrete stain is another comparatively low-cost floor coating. Concrete stains are used to improve the state of bare concrete with a natural, long lasting appearance. Stains penetrate the concrete which creates a very durable finish that will not easily peel or flake. Although this concrete coating requires a little ground work, the coating’s application can be much uncomplicated. You can choose between the popular acid stains or the more user friendly acrylic stains. To make these stains look nice and last, it is essential that you apply a coat of concrete sealer as the final step.

Another popular coating, ideal for garages and basements, is concrete paint or epoxy floor paint. The material for this is a bit more expensive compared to concrete stains and the ground work is more extensive.

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