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Comparison Guide: Is Concrete or Paver Cheaper?

a garage and a concrete driveway

You won’t find the exact answer to a cheap solution for resurfacing concrete driveways Orlando fl. Read on to learn which material will fit right in your pockets! Here is today’s post to tell you all why.

The first thing to consider is the balance between form and function. You cannot just let your driveways settle for a “cheap solution.” Your driveway areas serve a decorative purpose that increases your properties’ curb appeal. That said, they deserve a special decorative treatment.

Now read on to compare which is more cost-efficient for you. Ist concrete driveways or pavers?

Defining Concrete vs. Paver

a big house with paver driveway

These two often get people stuck in their decision. Material is essential, of course. Knowing your material of choice will provide you with a better decision to make. 

DIY as in “destroy it yourself.” No way! Choose the wrong one, and you are heading on a DIY path that you never want to go.

Define concrete first. So, concrete is a compound often used for both indoor and outdoor floors. It creates a single, monolith flooring system, unlike tiles or pavers that come in pieces.

Concrete materials contain cement, aggregates, masonry stone, and pieces of rocks. These are solid arts crushed and mixed with water to bind them. 

Pour them on a solid surface, let them air dry, and it will concretize. Thus the name is concrete.

a newly poured concrete being dried out

Paver, on the other hand, is also a type of concrete material. It is made of concrete mix, with sand and clay as the primary components. They are baked under the sun when manufactured, making those materials longer to complete. Also, they may tend to cure longer if they come out in bigger chunks. That is why they are made as pavers. As small blocks of pavement, they will dry and solidify faster. They will also be cost-efficient if you need only to purchase a small number.

Comparing Paver vs. Concrete

To compare paver and concrete, you need to consider the following essential factors. Use these as your point of comparison:

  • Weather and climate in your region
  • Areas size of the driveways
  • Design of the driveway
  • The extent of damage on the driveway surface
  • Existing materials


Below is a comparison summary of cost, installation, and maintenance. 

Comparison Summary

Cost$20-$30 per square foot for materials$100 for an average labor fee.$16-$18 average per square foot $ 20 to $100 depending on the complexity of the design.
InstallationMinimum of 4 to five days with the typical number of laborers, less three weeks for manufacturing materials.Maximum of seven days, concrete can fully cure a minimum of two days.
MaintenanceManual clearing from weeds and paver pieces are prone to cracks, and need more maintenance.Concrete only needs minimal maintenance, requires sealing only once in two to once a year.

There you go, your complete guide in choosing between paver and concrete. Do not hesitate to ask experts for advice. Also, tell them your requirements and evaluate your driveway area first. Remember that not because one material looks better or lasts longer. It will be your end choice. There are still factors such as temperature and the area of installation to take into account.

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