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Battle of the Greats: Concrete vs. Asphalt

As we all know, concrete and asphalt both have their own pros. And if you’re one who’s seriously torn between the two, you might be asking these questions: Which is better in certain situations? Which is more cost-effective for my driveway? Which lasts longer and has low maintenance?

Now that you’ve stumbled upon this post, we at Sun Surfaces of Orlando are more than willing to answer these questions for you. Read on.

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Traffic & Temperature

A concrete driveway holds up better when it’s used frequently. And when we say frequently, we mean a lot of trucks running over it every day. Asphalt deteriorates overtime under very frequent use.


There are also some areas where you have to consider if whether or not asphalt driveways are allowed in your neighborhood. If you find out that they are but concrete is the standard material for your area’s residence, an asphalt driveway may substantially lessen your home’s value.


If you want to use your driveway for recreational purposes, concrete is better. Asphalt softens during hot and humid temperatures while concrete is always hard. If you live in a place where climate fluctuates between hot and cold temperatures, asphalt’s flexibility reduces the occurrence of cracks during extreme temperature conditions. Concrete has a higher risk of cracking during temperature extremes.


Concrete, during warmer temperatures, does not absorb heat as voluntarily as asphalt. The latter absorbs heat so well that it could burn your skin once you lay on it. If snow and ice melting is a consideration for you then asphalt is the best choice. Snow melts quickly because of asphalts high heat absorption.

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If you’re looking at short-term costs, asphalt is the choice. It costs half as much as concrete would. Concrete costs a little more at first but doesn’t cost so much in the long run. And when you try to measure both costs over the material’s lifespan, asphalt and concrete have comparable expenses.

Longevity and Maintenance

 Asphalt has an advantage over concrete when it comes to repairs. Asphalt repairs are so easy to do that you can do it yourself. Asphalt needs constant but easy repairs, while a concrete driveway requires slightly complicated repairs but doesn’t need constant maintenance.

It all boils down to what you prefer and how much your budget is. Asphalt has a low up-front cost, which means that concrete might a little way over your budget. But if you want it up-front, not have to constantly worry about repairs, and prefer a more beautiful and durable surface, a decorative concrete driveway is the best option. Repairs for concrete require a professional to do it whereas asphalt can be repaired easily, even by yourself.

There you have it! Now that you know a little more about both sides, consider the flexibility, longevity and cost of concrete to know if this is best for your driveway.

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