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Concrete Repair Misconceptions and Why You Should Ignore Them

concrete flaking and cracking

The mere mention of concrete repair is enough to make homeowners worry. When something needs to be repaired, homeowners are often concerned about costs and how much work will be involved. There are also many misconceptions about repairing concrete that make people worry or, worse, not do any repairs. When you find that your concrete space needs some repairs, ignore the following misconceptions:

Misconceptions 1: Concrete Repair is Very Pricey

Repairs will always cost something. It is just about a matter of choosing a repair method, a type of material, and a contractor who can provide an affordable solution. It is also important to deal with damage while it is in its early stages than skipping the repair for now until the damage gets worse and more costly to repair.

Misconceptions 2: Cracks are Superficial

There are different kinds of cracks. There are those that are moving or recurring. There are those that are static, meaning it won’t recur once fixed. Not all cracks are superficial. Some are merely symptoms of a deeper, more pressing issue, like structural damage. Do not assume that a crack is merely on the surface.

Misconceptions 3: You Can Use Concrete to Fill Cracks

concrete floor with a crack

Although concrete is a durable material, it should not be used as a filling agent. If a crack develops, using concrete to fill it in will only make the crack recur. Instead, use an epoxy filler. This is a bit flexible, giving the slab enough room to move without making cracks reappear.

Misconceptions 4: Anyone Can Repair Concrete

Sure, some concrete repairs can be a DIY project but there are certain cases when hiring a pro is more practical. You can try to do it on your own but it does not guarantee a long-lasting solution. If it does not hold out, you would have to do it all over again. But when you hire a pro, the solution is guaranteed reliable and the work comes with a warranty.

If you come across information about concrete repair, make sure to verify if it is true. You could search through scholarly websites online or you can consult a local pro to help identify the issue and the appropriate solution. There is no reason to be scared of concrete repair. Several affordable options are now available, giving homeowners the opportunity to enhance and improve their homes without hurting their finances.

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