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Top 5 Concrete Pool Deck Trends in Orlando and Why They are So Cool

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Like in the retail fashion industry, the trends with pool decks in Orlando also have seasons. Something that would have been such a good idea 3 years ago may not be that hot anymore. Why? Well, the needs and wants of people change. Also technological and sustainable factors also play a huge role in the pool deck designs that people prefer. If you have pool deck plans and you want to make sure that your design is updated, here is the top 5 trends for concrete pool deck designs:

Stamped and Stained

Style is becoming more of a necessity nowadays so it is natural for homeowners to want something more special on their pool deck than just a plain concrete surface. Fortunately, there is an affordable way to make this happen: pool deck resurfacing Orlando services. Stamped concrete pool decks are becoming such a hit nowadays because it can mimic a variety of stylish floor materials and is also slip-resistant and easy to maintain.

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Natural Look

For those who think that modern times call for modern designs, think again. Surprisingly, a lot of homeowners are moving back to the more natural look. This often involves unique pool shapes, natural stone decks, boulder and rock accents, and sometimes even a natural-looking waterfall. It is common knowledge that these all cost a lot, but there are cheaper alternatives. Natural stone decks can be achieved with an application of a pool deck coating that is then either stamped, stenciled, or carved and then stained to mimic the random colors of the stone you desire.

Infinity or Vanishing Edge

As the name indicates, one or more edges of the pool give an impression that it is extending endlessly or has no edge at all. This used to be a trend in commercial pools in hotels and resorts, but it is slowly making its way into residential homes. This involves a water system where the water that spills over the vanishing edge is rerouted back into the pool.

Beach Entry

Do you know how you walk from the shore into the beach water? The gradual descent into the water is what this entry is all about. Instead of a stairway or steps as a means of getting into the water, you walk on a slip-resistant slope to mimic the entry to a real beach. How cool is that?

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Water Features

There are so many pool deck ideas out there but adding water features never seems to lose its popularity. However, do not just go for any water feature and then regret it afterwards. You might want to ask a concrete pool deck Orlando contractor for any ideas or suggestions as to what water feature would work best on your pool deck.

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