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5 Concrete Pool Deck Makeover Ideas

Gone are the days when a swimming pool was considered a luxury. It is a great means of exercise, it helps cool you down in humid weather, and it is an economical way to spend precious time with family and friends. However, if your pool area is old, rotten, and boring, you might as well get in the car and head to the happiest place on earth! Check out pool decking ideas in magazines or on the web to get inspired. A little tight on the budget? Don’t worry. Here are 5 pool deck ideas that are economical enough to make you want to start right now!

Add Shade with a Covered Deck

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A deck is often a place to rest, hang out, or sunbathe. However, it can get quite hot sometimes that you just have to find a place where the sun’s rays won’t reach you. Nowadays, you will find above ground and in ground pool deck designs that incorporate a shaded area. It does not have to be a full roof; you can opt for something cheaper like a pergola. You may also use reclaimed wood, some bamboo curtains, or just plain cloth to have a covered pool deck at a
fraction of the cost.

Coordinate Color Combination

pool deck resurfacing Orlando FLColor is probably one of the toughest things to decide on. You can coordinate pool deck color ideas with paint, furniture, or decorative items. Just make sure that you choose a light color on majority of the area as it absorbs less heat than darker tones. You might also want to resurface a pool deck with a cooler material in a light shade to keep bare feet from getting toasted.

Keep it Close to Nature

If your property does not have that many plants or trees in or around it, potted plants will do. Place them in strategic locations to keep it visible but not distracting. You don’t even have to buy plants. If you have an existing garden or landscape, just get some there and transfer it onto your deck.

Accent Pool Deck Flooringstamped concrete pool deck Orlando

Decorative concrete surfaces are the trend nowadays and it would be a good option for you because you will find more inexpensive options than most pool deck flooring materials. You can have the look of flagstone, pavers, brick, or even cobblestone; the swimming pool resurfacing options are endless! If you don’t want to have your entire pool deck resurfaced, you can just choose to have the coping enhanced with stamped concrete, among others. This is a more durable decorative concrete pool deck idea than swimming pool coping paint.

Let There Be Light

Almost all pool deck ideas you will see nowadays incorporate lighting elements. Well, who wants to swim and hang out in total darkness, right? Not only do lights provide efficient illumination, it also adds drama and ambience to your outdoor space. If you think it would be an added expense, say hello to LED lights. They may be quite costly for the initial installation, but they are greatly energy-efficient, thus, saving you money in the long run.

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