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5 Best Ways to Protect Your Concrete Patios

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Concrete patios are typical outdoor features to most American homes. You might be in a humid-tropical region or somewhere in the Midwest with four seasons in a year. Extreme weather changes are a natural force that man cannot stop to prevent property damage. Good thing there are Orlando concrete contractors who can remedy any concrete floor issues. But as being outdoors, the patios are prone to cracks due to freeze and extreme heat. These are natural occurrences that you cannot stop from happening. 

With that said, here is today’s post to offer you solutions to protect the patio floors in your homes and as well as in your commercial properties. There are five of them which you need to know.

  • Keep it clean 
  • Apply sealer
  • Avoid destructive chemicals
  • Manage plant growth
  • Seasonal preparation

These are common and easy addons in your patio area. Get to know how you can do each. But first, get the answer to your immediate question, “why protect ​​your patios”?

Why Protect Your Patios?

Giving our patios protection is a cost-saving move. That is the simple answer to that. You’ll save yourself from tedious and expensive repairs. Ultimately you will provide the concrete material in your doors a longer life. This will also help conserve resources and the environment from chaotic construction waste.

Now let’s get to how you can prevent damages on your patio floors. With the experts at Orlando concrete contractors, we give you the five best ways to protect the patio floors.

1. Keep it clean

There is no need for complex moves, and all you need is regular cleaning of the outdoors. Nothing compares to keeping a polished and neat look on all surfaces on any day, season, summer, or winter. 

The concrete surface installed on your porches or entryways will get dirt, moisture, mud, and residues from the rotting leaves on the ground outside.

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These conditions happen daily, and all you need to do is have a routine cleaning and check on the surroundings, as simple as that. You can do it when you go for a stroll in your garden or backyard, and why not go to the porch in your early morning stretches and have a quick sweep on the patio floor.

2. Apply sealer

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After any concrete flooring installation, the job is finished with concrete sealers, and all professional contractors know this final step. So, if you realize that your concrete patios have no sealer or protective coating, you probably need to call and get the pros’ help. 

Concrete patio sealers cover up the porous parts of the cement floor. When the floors are sealed, there will be no way for moisture or liquid and stains to enter the core of the flooring material.

Sealers also provide a smooth finish on the surface.

The concrete also becomes dense due to the compound filling the tiny pinhole gaps, making it difficult for micro compounds to seep through the slabs. This also leads us to the third-best way to protect the patio floors.

3. Avoid destructive chemicals

Avoid destructive chemicals at all costs. It would be best to remember this tip, especially now that winter is here. 

During winter, homeowners and property managers manage the outdoors by melting the snow on the pathways with deicers. Decking compounds contain harmful elements like salt that may not directly damage the concrete. Still, later on, it will reside on the steel reinforcements that support the slabs.

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Letting slat compounds get through the steel materials allows a computer virus to hit the system’s core. So avoid using deicers for concrete patios at all costs, and use other methods to clear the ice on the patio floors like sand.

4. Manage plant growth

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After the snow and rains have gone, spring will soon come out. With this, the roots of various garden plants will also arise from the ground. The blooming season also means that the earth will turn up with roots crawling up through the soil. 

Tree roots and other plant growth will damage a concrete floor when these will not be managed.

Avoid this by also taking care of your growing plants. Trimming or a seasonal cutting and weeding will help you monitor if there are plants with stubborn root growth.

5. Seasonal preparation

At last, the most crucial tip will remind you to protect the outdoor steps at whatever time of the year it is. Perform a seasonal preparation, summer, winter, fall, or spring every dawn of the season have a check in your patios. 

Isn’t that there are times when you redesign the exteriors and interior in your properties to match the season.

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The same goes for the floors. There will be various easy prep floors and have them ready and withstand any weather.

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