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Concrete Front Entry Ideas and Designs

Nowadays, bungalow houses and craftsman style homes are very popular. They usually feature one and a half stories with projecting and wide eaves. They have porches that are covered and accentuated with wood or stone columns. They also feature traditional materials such as brick, natural stone, wood siding, and stucco for the exterior. If you happen to live in one of these amazing houses, you should see to it that you have a good front entry made of concrete. Concrete is an excellent choice for material because it is affordable, easy to find, and durable.

You should consider combining a variety of decorative concrete elements for your front entry. A broom finished concrete, for instance, would look lovely if paired with a stenciled border. You will be able to create unique and beautiful effects if you score designs or patterns in the concrete. Also, you should consider using various stain colors in individual pattern fields. Do not forget to stick with the patterns and color combinations that complement your interior and exterior finishes. Slates, bricks, and flagstones are excellent options.

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You will be able to produce striking results if you use different styles for decorative concrete. Decorative elements in flatwork may be used. For example, you can renovate your driveway and use colored concrete. You can also use exposed aggregate and stamped concrete if you prefer. Examine the decorative elements carefully and find out how they relate to one another in both proportion and color. You should match the textures and colors to the exterior of your home whether it is made of stucco, siding, stone, or brick.

On the other hand, if you live in a ranch style house that features sliding glass doors, brick exteriors, a spacious floor plan, and minimal ornamentation, you should opt for a decorative concrete sidewalk and driveway that will enhance its curb appeal. You can even go with a stenciled or stamped concrete in a color that matches the façade of your house. This would give it an upscale appearance; but if you prefer subtlety, you can go with a textured finish that looks simple. This could be a boom finish that is framed with a decorative border.

If you have a colonial style residence, you should choose your concrete front entry style depending on its central entryway and window arrangements. Colonial style homes usually feature front doors that are enhanced by columns or pillars on the side and exterior sidings that are usually made from wood or brick. In order for you to make the most of your classic home, you should choose decorative concrete for your front entry. Go for a stamped concrete stairway or walkway that leads up to your home.

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However, if you live in a prairie home that features clerestory windows, low-pitched roofs, terraces and balconies, and large open floor plans, you should use concrete extensively as this material is most fitting for this type of home. You can choose stained concrete in rich hues such as forest green, Cherokee red, and browns.

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