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The Right Concrete Flooring Texture

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Concrete floors are just one of the best areas where your creativity can take place. One of the major reasons why people love concrete floors is the wide range of choices and designs that come with them. These options, often going hand in hand with a good price, are making homeowners notice its benefits to the home and themselves as well. If you are looking for ways to renovate and reinvent your home, you might want to look at the styles that concrete could offer you. But as you do your research about it, you will eventually have to consider the type of concrete texture that you would want.

Decorative concrete contractors like us can definitely provide you with lots of examples and samples of different texture styles and choices when you are trying to make that decision of what surface texture to use.

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What’s the Use of Texture?

There are a number of reasons why concrete texture (especially in decorative concrete) matters. The first one would probably be its ability to be slip-resistant. It’s important to ensure that your concrete surface has the proper slip resistance as needed. This is very important if you have a pool deck and walkways. The last thing you need is someone slipping and bumping his head on the concrete because of the surface being slippery when wet. You wouldn’t have to worry about this anymore because it is now possible to change your concrete surface texture during the pouring of the concrete (and also after), thanks to concrete resurfacing.

The texture is also important when it comes to what the flooring looks like. Below is a list of the popular options for texture. See if you can find one that would suit your preferences.

  • Polished Concrete. This type of decorative concrete application has a very nice shine that comes with it. It is essential if you want to mimic the look of stones such as marble and tile. It’s a smooth surface that has a wonderful appearance, and it works great with different colors and stains that provide a nice and shiny concrete surface on your interior and outdoor floors.
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  • Stamped Concrete. This features textured designs or patterns being stamped into the freshly-poured concrete before it sets and hardens. It’s also possible to make a variety of different styles and looks with this type of texture technique. It’s also useful for reducing the slips that can happen on the surface at the same time adding a stylish decorative element.
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  • Etching. This is another popular choice for textured concrete because it allows the homeowner to have all styles of patterns and designs applied to their concrete. They could basically add any kind of design that they can imagine.
  • Sundek Classic Texture. As the name states, this is a classic way of texturing concrete. This kind of decorative concrete surface offers slip resistance, customizable colors, and is very cost-effective as compared to the other texturing methods.

Any of these systems can be used to add a beautiful texture to your concrete.

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