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Concrete Flooring Maintenance

A polished concrete flooring Orlando is easy to achieve. It is no rocket science how someone can have a luxury-looking floor that would make any heads turn.

A simple routine cleaning would be your most practical solution. But you may be looking for other options to use, especially when you feel like you don’t have the luxury of time to finish all chores at home. You can leave your concrete flooring maintenance woes with the experts and your local concrete contractors in Orlando.

concrete floor pressure wash

But for a quick guide, you may want to learn the floor maintenance process that you can do whenever you have the time.

Why does Maintenance Differ from Different Floorings?

Maintenance is a quick step to make sure the floors shine. And you will not need to perform other tasks like resurfacing, especially if the floor materials are in their prime condition.

Flooring Maintenance For:

Here are practical steps and the essential tools you will need to prepare for each type of floor and its maintenance.

Stained Concrete

Tools you need

  • soft sponge or mop
  • pH neutral cleaning solution
  • dust mop
  • film forming sealer

What you need to do:

To clean a stained concrete floor, you would only need a dust mop for regular dusting off the surface. Then for a scheduled deep cleaning, you will need to use a pH-neutral cleaner.
During maintenance of stained concrete, it’s best to apply a film-forming sealer to keep and lock the pigments in.

Polished Concrete

Tools you need:

  • Mop with microfiber pads
  • Water
  • Non-acidic cleaner/ pH neutral cleaner
polished concrete interior floor orlando

What you need to do:

Polished concrete is easy to maintain with regular sweeping or dusting. When a wet stain contacts the surface, you have to wipe it right away. But even if the stains stay on the surface longer, they will still come off quickly. It is because of the added traction when you seal the surface with clear coatings.

Stamped Concrete

Tools you need:

  • Garden hose or pressure washer
  • Push broom
  • Dish soap and water

What you need to do:

You need to use your ordinary garden hose with an adjustable nozzle with stamped concrete. Outdoor decorative concrete would not necessarily require a mop or sweeping material unless using a push broom.

Plain Concrete

A bare concrete would usually have no sealers on them. But it is still the best advice to seal them or apply a clear coating. Much better if you use concrete polishing if the bare, minimal decor look is what you are after.
But while you still have not decided on what type of decorative concrete resurfacing to apply, here is how to perform maintenance to the bare concrete floors.

Tools you need:

  • Dust mop
  • Vacuum
  • Sweeper
  • Clean water
  • Sealer or floor wax

What you need to do:

To clean bare concrete, you need to soap the surface to ensure that the dirt and sains go away. Since the plain concrete would not have a sealer on it, you would need the aid of a vacuum to at least help the drying time finish faster and prevent further soaking of the cement slabs in the water.

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