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Concrete Resurfacing: The Concrete Fix for All Environment

If you’re worried about the surface cracks, fissures, and holes on your concrete surfaces, I’m sure you’ll agree that an all-around fix is what you need. You might ask, “Is there such a thing as an all-around fix?” You’ll be surprised to know that there is. Concrete resurfacing fixes surface-level damages on your concrete while giving it a brand-new look and added functional qualities. And the best part is that it can be done on several concrete areas in different environments. Hard to believe? Let’s take a closer look.

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Damp and Watery Environment

Areas exposed to moisture, like basements and pool decks, benefit substantially from concrete resurfacing. Concrete surfaces in these areas are prone to mold growth and can be dangerously slippery. This is because its porous surface allows moisture to permeate through. This issue can be drastically improved with concrete resurfacing. Materials used as resurfaces, such as polymer-modified coatings and acrylic overlays, are less permeable to moisture. Resurfacing material acts as a layer of protection. Moisture-mitigating sealants can also be applied for added water resistance.

High-Demand Environment

Areas from the commercial and industrial sectors can be considerably demanding regarding concrete flooring. These are a few examples of manufacturing establishments, warehouses, and medical and food facilities. Impact, fire, thermal shock, and chemical resistance are some of the demands of the aforementioned establishments. Concrete resurfacing with epoxy or polyaspartic coating is the option to address these. Epoxy and polyaspartic coatings can transform plain concrete into immensely durable floors.

Decorative Environment

Concrete resurfacing is also ideal for indoor and outdoor areas that prioritize aesthetics without compromising function. Examples of these are hotel lobbies and household hardscapes like the patio. Concrete resurfacing offers creative flexibility to achieve a multitude of designs. This is all thanks to the extensive selection of patterns, textures, and colors that overlay/coating systems offer. The best part is that these are fully customizable to get for a unique look.

Wherever you plant to have your concrete spaces resurfaced, you know you can make the most of it. Professional advice is highly recommended when it comes to improvements. Consult a decorative concrete contractor to help you weigh your options. Visit our home page for more information on Orlando concrete resurfacing.

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