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Coolest Concrete Driveway Ideas

Most homeowners often splurge on enhancing patios and front entryways while neglecting one element that could play a huge role in improving curb appeal: the driveway. Orlando, Florida is home to various theme parks so locals are used to fancy pavements. Why not make driveways fancy, too? Here are some of the coolest concrete driveway Orlando ideas you might want to try:

Stylish Imitation

Luxurious driveways are often made of brick or natural stone. However, these can be very expensive when it comes to installation and maintenance. For style that won’t break the bank, opt for stamped concrete overlays. This type of driveway resurfacing Orlando service can imitate the look of almost any flooring material.

stamped concrete driveway
Photo credit: concrete network

“Living” Concrete Driveway

Instead of using stone or pavers to create borders or frames on a driveway, why not use grass or any other plant instead? Not only will it add to the aesthetics of the driveway, it will also serve as a natural drainage system.

living concrete driveways Photo credit: houselogic

Personalized Engraving

This can be done on new driveways as well as on existing ones that require concrete repair Orlando solutions. Engraving is a good way of masking working cracks and giving concrete slabs enough room to move. Instead of the patterned engraving that most concrete contractor Orlando companies offer nowadays, why not go out of the box? Make the design more personalized like the initials of your name or the number of your house.

concrete driveway personalized engraving Photo credit: houselogic

Built-In LED Lighting

Although outdoor lighting is not something new, where and how it is installed can be made a lot cooler. Instead of lamp posts or spotlights, why not have LED lights installed on the driveway itself just like those on an airport runway. Not only does it provide enough illumination, it does so in a subtle but uber cool way. Plus, LED helps lower electric bills because of its low energy consumption.

LED lighting concrete driveway Photo credit: houselogic

Colored Concrete

Driveways are often limited when it comes to colors. It is not surprising to see gray, brown, brick red, or natural stone colors on driveways. To make it a lot more interesting, choose more vibrant colors, such as blue or even red. You can even mix and match multiple colors, making sure it complements the exterior of the house. Concrete stains are great for use on concrete driveways. Just make sure to have it sealed to extend its lifespan and to keep the colors from fading.

colored concrete driveway Photo credit: good home construction

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