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Safer Solutions in Commercial Concrete

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Thanks to many recent advancements in concrete resurfacing technologies and polishing materials, commercial concrete floor coatings are becoming an affordable solution to many industrial enterprises. These processes provide long-lasting durability and enhance the overall appearance of any concrete floor. Your floors clean up easier, resist stains and spills better, and add a level of professionalism that standard grey or buff-colored concrete simply cannot provide.

Commercial concrete contractors have been employing many of these techniques for years, but only recently have they been able to offer these options to a wider array of customers. The available options are now safer and easier to apply, leading to many of these floor coatings becoming a very viable option for restaurants, warehouses, and other industrial plants across the globe.

Tile vs. Commercial Concrete

There are some tremendous advantages to choosing the right concrete coating over the standard option of tile and grout. Commercial concrete contractors can apply a coating made of polymers and epoxies that result in a smooth plastic-like covering that resists stains and spills. The grout in between tiles simply does not allow for this added benefit. In fact, tile grout absorbs stains and spills while promoting bacterial growth, resulting in constant back-breaking maintenance and expensive periodic re-grouting.

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Cracks and Chips

Depending on the amount of traffic and heavy equipment that is occurring on these surfaces, tile tends to crack and break. This not only leads to an unsightly and unprofessional appearance but creates safety hazards on uneven surfaces. Commercial flooring is very durable and is designed to resist chipping, cracking, staining, and absorption of toxic chemicals.

Slips and Slides

In talking with your commercial concrete specialists, you will quickly learn that many of these commercial floors provide a higher quality material that is simply more slip-resistant than standard tiling options. Even though some of the tile providers will boast that their tiles are protected with a special coating to prevent slips and slides, everyone who has ever walked on a wet tile floor knows well that this is not always the case.

Stains and Stamps

Commercial concrete experts have a wide variety of options to offer now, with a color palette that is infinite in variations. There are also concrete stamping options available where a design can be applied to the top surface of the concrete slab. You can give it the appearance of flagstone, brick, hardwoods, or even make it LOOK like tile while being infinitely safer and substantially easier to maintain.

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