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Safer Solutions in Commercial Concrete

Thanks to many recent advancements in concrete resurfacing technologies and polishing materials, commercial concrete floor coatings are becoming an affordable solution to many industrial enterprises. These processes provide long-lasting durability and enhance the overall appearance of any concrete floor. Your floors clean up easier, resist stains and spills better, and add a level of professionalism …

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Different Types of Concrete Flooring

There are many types of concrete flooring coatings and systems which are all used to cover bare concrete. These concrete coatings are used for aesthetic reasons, protective purposes, or simply to comply with building codes and regulations within a specific area. These various types of coatings each have their own benefits and limitations. To help …

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Polished Concretes 101: An Overview

When concrete is treated with chemicals, surfaces are grounded with the use of fine grinding tools to make it smoother and shiny; the end product is the so-called polished concretes. Because of this innovation, homeowners can now choose the flooring materials of their desired lusters and designs. It is also widely used in many modern buildings …

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Can I Self-install Concrete Staining?

Nowadays, when information is more accessible, some activities become easier and simpler even without hiring professionals.  That is the so-called DIY or do it yourself! It could mean kitchen remodeling, plumbing projects, modifying the designs in the living room, or interior painting. Name it, and there will be very little chance that if the activity …

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Garage Floor Coating Options

Your garage might be the last on your list when decorating or upgrading your home, mostly because home improvement may be too expensive and the garage is not usually the place where you usher your guests to. However, transforming your garage floor from a bleak, gray concrete to a stylish, color-coated base can be done …

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