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The mid-century movement spanned from the early 30s to the 60s and was largely borne from the rise of new technologies and an improved economy after the end of the Second World War. It encompasses art, architecture, and design – but we’re mainly focusing on mid-century home decor, which has earned its place in history […]

The driveway is an invaluable part of any home. It is often the first thing visitors see and it can often determine whether a potential buyer will be interested in seeing the rest of the home. And luckily enough, the driveways we have today are a great improvement from the driveways of days past.  If […]

How to Use Concrete In A Cozy Home

by on September 16, 2019

Your first impression of concrete may be that it is cold, unforgivingly hard, and generally quite the opposite of the warm and inviting space you want to build in your home. But concrete has been used in cozy and warm homes with great results!  How? These design tips can teach us a lot about how […]

When it comes to iconic rivalries, the East Coast-West Coast rivalry is probably one of the most famous. From food to rappers, they each have their own champion and their own kind of style and audience. And that, of course, extends to home decor. Because of the thousands of miles that separate the two coasts, […]

It’s stylish, functional, modern, and it’s the look in almost every home design magazine: concrete kitchen floors. But is the industrial concrete look for you? Here are the pros and cons of concrete floors in the kitchen. Pros There are a million design options for concrete floors Don’t be fooled into thinking concrete floors can […]

The threat of global warming and the continuous decline of the planet’s health is increasingly alarming. In order to keep up with the call for eco-friendly and sustainable living options, eco-chic interior design is becoming a popular trend. Architects, contractors, and property owners are making an effort in contributing to the environment. Environmentally ethical practices […]

An annual temperature analysis from Berkeley Earth shows disturbing reports. The last four years are the warmest the planet has ever been in human history. In case that didn’t shock you, think about how humans have been around for quite a long time. The degree of environmental destruction has come to its peak and will […]

Your pool deck is an integral part of the pool area. It adds usable space, covers bare dirt, frames and provides a path around the pool. It’s also where you put up lounge chairs so you can sunbathe all day (Probably not a good idea, by the way). The best thing about pool decks? You […]

If you’re worried about the surface cracks, fissures, and holes on your concrete surfaces I’m sure you’ll agree that an all-around fix is what you need. You might be asking “Is there such a thing as an all around fix?” You’ll be surprised to know that there is. Concrete resurfacing fixes surface level damages on […]

If you’re planning on putting up a patio or updating an already existing one, here’s a trend that will suit it perfectly. Having a fire pit and surrounding it with a seating wall is a chic and functional way to upgrade your patio. Here are the reasons why it’s a must-have trend that will turn […]