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Pool Deck Remodeling that Suits Your Budget

Is your concrete pool deck in Orlando starting to look old and creepy? Homeowners dream of concrete pool deck remodeling on a whim, but then their wallets say there’s no way it will happen. Well, there are ways to make it happen without taking out a loan or squeezing your finances dry. Here are some highly popular pool deck ideas on a budget:

Your Pool Deck Options

LED Lights

LED lights are known for their energy-saving feature. If you have existing light features around the pool deck, replace your old bulbs with LED ones. Although these may cost quite more initially, it will definitely help cut energy consumption. One popular trend for these is installing them within the pool so that the light source at night is the pool itself. Imagine how gorgeous the lit-up water will be.

Fire Pit

Fire features are timeless add-ons. No matter what theme your pool deck is going for, there is a fire pit design perfect for it. This is a more affordable option over an outdoor fireplace. Prices may depend on what material you choose. You can even opt for a portable type that you can lay on the table and move around if you wish to.

Deck Resurfacing

Different pool deck resurfacing options are available, such as stamped concrete, concrete staining, and acrylic concrete coating. Installing a pool deck coating or overlay on an existing concrete surface immediately updates its look, function, and lifespan. These present homeowners with various colors, designs, and patterns to choose from. They are also slip-resistant, highly decorative, and oh-so-affordable.

Tanning Ledge

Also known as a Baja shelf or step, this is a flat shallow surface near the edge of the pool. It is often wide and 6 inches underwater. This gives swimmers a cool spot to just lounge either on a chair or right on the ledge. Make sure to choose an appropriate material for the ledge to avoid slips and falls. Do not ever use deck paint unless you want it to flake, peel, and float around the pool in chipped off pieces.

Water Features

This is not something new but there are new designs out there that suit the modern times. Forget about the usual fountains in the middle of the pool. Try jet streams of water coming from one or two sides of the pool. You can also choose a mini waterfall at one edge of the pool. Not only are these decorative, it also helps prevent standing water.

jet stream pool
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