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How to Add Antiquing Stains as Highlights to a Faded Concrete

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If you are here to learn more about how to do stained concrete effects, it is your lucky day! If you still need to check our previous blog about how to use stains to freshen the floors, then check that out to learn other ideas for stained effects on the flooring

Antiquing Stains is the New Craze

Many homeowners and interior designers are getting more fascinated with stained floors. Doing it is fast, easy, and low-cost.

Years ago, the grey-stained floors were the buzz. Now, be one of the first to set the trend with stains using antique shades. 

What are The Antique-Colored Stains?

Antique-colored stains tend to be natural, deep, and rich. Darker variations of brown, blue-green, and beige can be found in colors like vintage umber, cola, aqua blue, English red, garden gold, etc. You can see a lot of wonderful examples on interior floors Orlando.

These stains are most eye-pleasing when applied prior a freshly polished concrete. Polished concrete is the secret to its strength and timelessness. It also combines the conservative nature of concrete stains with the needs of the fast-paced, always-changing flooring and color industries.

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Steps on Adding Staining Highlights

1. Find an Old, Faded Concrete Surface.

You should carefully assess your overall flooring to determine which areas require more attention. Even if you treat them equally later, some parts require more repair than you think. In addition, look for chipped and dirty surfaces that need additional grinding or powerwash. 

2. Administer a Light Coat of Paint to the Entire Surface.

After finding the perfect spot for antique staining, start by outlining the area you want to paint. Then, paint the floor with a light color – a primer. Primers ensure that the paint on top of it sticks to the surface. DO NOT SKIP THIS!

3. Once the Paint is Dry, Apply a Second Coat in a Color that you want to Highlight.

Wait for the first coating of paint to dry out. Once it happens, proceed to paint with the natural color you desire. Make sure that the primer is all covered up by the second coating. 

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4. Using a Sponge or Brush, Apply Antiquing Stains on Top of the Second Coat of Paint in Random Areas.

Grab a sponge or perhaps a paintbrush; both will do the work. Pour the staining solution on the floor. Then, use either of the tools to spread the stain. You can swipe left and right, move the sponge in a circular pattern, or dab the sponge for extra oomph.

5. Allow the Antiquing Stains to Dry Completely Before Sealing the Concrete with a Clear Sealer.

You won’t get any closer to your goal of fixing your floors if you’re in a hurry. Waiting for the sealer and stains to cure fully will ensure that the floor will last a long time and be durable.

Last Swipe

Faded and worn-out floorings are a no-no. One can quickly see how dirty that floor is, giving out a poor reputation for you. Why wait for that moment when you can easily avoid it? 

Following the instructions above, antiquing stains will help you and your establishment earn the distinction you deserve. Doing this can extend your flooring’s lifespan—saving you from breaking the bank on costly floor restorations.

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