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The 5 Pool Deck Resurfacing Options You Need

Updating your pool deck coatings is necessary to prevent the surface from totally deteriorating. Keep the steps around your swimming pool from chipping, damages, cracks, and uneven surfaces to make a splashing swimming experience.

orlando pool deck resurfacing

Resurfacing is A Must!

If you haven’t read the previous blogs on the importance of resurfacing concrete decks, here is a reminder.

Remember that the pool area needs to enhance safety to make every pool goer and swimmer sound and safe while immersing in the pool. Another benefit that you need to keep in mind is that resurfacing is a cost-saving solution that would help maintain the coping and decks in their prime condition.

Next up are the five popular options that you can choose from.

Five Popular Pool Deck Resurfacing Options

There are many ways to customize the design of a pool decking. But for today’s list, you only need to learn five popular looks and create inspiration from them.

1. Concrete Staining

Stained concrete pool decks are a practical way to revive the coloring on the concrete decks. Staining is a method of adding pigments to the slabs and making the material look vibrant and new with rich and deep colors.

His is perfect for pools that need a simple decorative concrete deck. Staining patterns create cloudy, floating patterns that could also reveal a marble-like look on the decks. Remember that staining concrete can be achieved with either water-based stain or acid-staining.

2. Epoxy Pebble Resin

The epoxy pebble resin gives a textured look using pebbles as the finishing of the concrete deck overlays. The epoxy is added as sealing material or a coating making the pebbled surface smooth and comfortable barefoot.

This is also a nice style for creating a mini-paradise look for your backyard swimming pools.

3. Stamped Concrete Overlay

Stamped concrete pool deck overlays are typical for modern pools and traditional in-ground swimming pools.

With the stamped overlays, you can repurpose your exacting slabs. Just resurface it with a layer of new concrete and design it with popular stamped concrete designs.

sunstamp pool deck orlando

4. Cool Deck Coating

The coolest option you could make for your pool decks such as in Lake Nona, FL is the “cool decking”. This famous textured overlay makes the surface look and feels cool.

What you want from this resurfacing option are its features that keep the pool surfacing remains cold and friendly to the touch that does not let you get burned even after exposing the decks to extreme sun rays and heat waves.

5. Concrete Pool Deck Paint

Last is paint. Paint is accessible and easy to use. The pool deck paint is a common material that anyone can use. With an essential painting skill, you can DIY coat the surfaces. It is a cost-saving choice that you would not need to hire a contractor to beautify the spaces around your swimming pool.

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