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5-point Guide to a Kid-friendly Pool Deck

spray texture installation orlandoMore than anyone, kids are the most excited about swimming pools. If you are preparing a pool area for your kids, make sure that the features are safe enough for kids without restricting their enjoyment. Here is a guide to the factors you need to consider for a kid-friendly pool deck:


One of the most common dangers of pool decks is how slippery it can get when wet. Although there are non-skid paving materials available today, it can get pretty expensive to remodel. A good recommendation would be a spray knockdown finish. This is one of the most popular non-slip concrete pool deck coatings because it’s texture promote improved grip, even when wet. The coating is sprayed onto the existing concrete and then troweled down, thus, creating a trowel finish less intense than stucco. If you do not wish to resurface the pool deck, refinish it instead with a concrete sealer mixed with a fine aggregate for that non-skid effect.

Surface Temperature

It can be very inconvenient for kids to wear flip-flops on the pool deck just to protect their feet from hot concrete. Pool owners should not underestimate the temperature of a pool deck because if it gets too hot from sun exposure, it can literally burn bare feet. A spray knockdown texture on concrete can help lower down the temperature of the surface. A spray knockdown finish stays 30% cooler than other materials. Plus, the knockdown texture it is known for helps air circulate around the foot.

Kid-friendly Appeal

An ugly or boring pool deck can turn kids off. You can add designs and patterns subtly through engraving, scoring, stamping, and staining. These can be done on plain concrete, a concrete overlay or coating, and even on a knock down finish concrete pool deck. When staining, make sure to choose a light color because it is friendlier to the eyes and it helps cool down the surface by reflecting heat back.


Spray-down concrete resurfacing may seem vulnerable to damage because it is merely a coating on an existing concrete slab. Pool owners would be surprised to see how durable it is. Cracks, holes, and other pool deck surface issues can hurt little feet and could be detrimental to their safety.


Budget plays a huge role in making a pool deck safe and functional for kids. The great thing about a knock-down finish is that it costs less than replacing the whole concrete deck. It only requires a thin layer of acrylic concrete coating. It is also a long-lasting material, stays put for a couple of years or more, depending on usage. A spray texture coating or overlay can be applied on an existing concrete slab as a new topping or to replace the old overlay.

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