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5 Family-friendly Pool Ideas

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A pool area is a great place for the family to gather, have fun, and get fit. No matter what type of pool you have, whether it is a concrete pool, an inflatable pool, or an above-ground plastic pool, it is important to keep it family-friendly. There are many ideas out there that can make an Orlando home’s pool area a lot more comfortable for the whole family. Here are some:

Add Shade

Most pool decks are built outdoors. In Orlando where the sun can be unforgiving, it would be helpful to have a shaded area near the pool where anyone can lounge or take a break from the heat of the sun. It can be just a piece of fabric hanging over some furniture or a more solid type such as a gazebo or trellis.

Comfortable Furniture

The pool deck has become more than just an outdoor area. It is almost an extended part of the house itself. Some have outdoor kitchens and entertainment systems. When choosing furniture, make sure they are waterproof and built for the outdoors. Also, choose something that is ultra-comfortable for everyone, even kids. Try to steer away from something with sharp or pointed edges.

Wading Pool

Some households have little children and they love to play in the water. Make them capable of doing so without exposing them to danger. If you are building your pool for the first time or remodeling an existing pool, add a small wading pool near the main pool. If not, use the inflatable version.

Light Colors

Choose light colors. A concrete surface is friendlier underfoot if it is lightly colored. Light colors reflect heat while darker ones absorb it. This means the surface stays cooler to the touch even if it has been exposed to the sun for hours. The same goes for outdoor furniture. Choose chairs in beige, white, yellow, off-white, light blue, or any light color.

Slip-resistant Pool Deck

The surface surrounding the pool needs to be slip-resistant especially because it is almost always wet. It is highly recommended to resurface it to improve traction. A concrete pool deck coating can be sprayed and then troweled for a stucco-like texture. An overlay can also be applied on an existing slab and then stamped with patterns or designs to give it a non-skid texture.

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