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4 Exciting Concrete Pool Deck and Coping Ideas

A pool coping is not really something that we paid much attention to before. When one thinks of a pool area, only two things come to mind: swimming pool and pool deck. A pool deck and coping go together. The coping is the edge of the deck and the swimming pool. It is installed differently and with extra care because it needs to be well-built to stay intact no matter how frequent swimmers hold on to it. It also requires a different type of material. If you are planning to revamp a pool deck and coping or installing a new one in your backyard, here are cool ideas you might want to consider:

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Poured Concrete – A poured concrete deck can be extended to the coping. It means it can be one whole slab all throughout. The non-existence of a break between the deck and the coping may somehow eliminate the possibility of cracking or breaking. It also gives an illusion of a bigger pool deck. This can be stamped with patterns to enhance its aesthetics. A stamped surface also promotes a safer deck to walk on, even when wet.

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Natural Stone – A natural material creates a sense of texture and sturdiness right in the pool area. There are many different types of stone used for pool decks and coping, such as fieldstone, limestone, flagstone, and more. The price varies on the type of stone, where it is coming from, and the level of installation difficulty. The varying shapes and colors make it a lot more desirable.

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Precast Concrete – This is a lot easier and faster to install. The shape and design have already been precast and all the installer needs to do is to fit it in. The downside to this is that it may require some tweaking if you have a uniquely shaped pool deck.

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Tile Coping – The great thing about pool decks is that you can choose different materials for the deck, the coping, and the pool steps, to name a few. Use whatever material you want on the deck. As for the coping, there are bullnose tiles that can be fitted to the pool, covering the edges of the pool and the deck perfectly. Tile offers a wide range of colors and designs.


If you are still unsure, it is highly recommended to consult with a pro. Make a list of the ideas you have and maybe have them assess your pool deck now. This will give them a good glimpse, enough to spark appropriate ideas suitable for your needs and wants.

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