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3 Things to Know About Stained Concrete

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For many reasons ranging from better energy efficiency to fabulous opportunities for customization, many people are choosing stained concrete for their business and residential flooring needs. While concrete has long been a popular choice for floors in places such as garages and basements, stained and decorative concrete can be a beautiful option for any room of the house. In fact, electing to have the entire bottom floor of a house-crafted in stained concrete can establish a lovely flow to your home that is pleasing to the eye and creates a sense of continuity and welcome. This type of flow, especially in conjunction with a porch or patio that is created with a similar technique, can create the appearance of a larger, more open house.

Stained concrete is a great option for many applications, but like any decision that you will make for your home or business, you should consider it carefully to ensure that you get a result that will be satisfying for a long time. While it is possible to stain an existing floor or area, stained concrete can be especially effective if you plan for it during the building process. Either way, there are certain things that you should know about stained concrete before you make your final decision.

Stained Concrete is Exceptionally Customizable

Unlike some other decorative options, stained concrete is a way that you can give your floors a truly customized look. While there are set colors of stain, each pouring of concrete has a different composition due to the variety of minerals and chemicals that exist in the material and are randomly spread through the concrete during pouring. The stain seeps into the concrete and interacts with these components, creating the final color. Your floor has its own makeup and will develop the color differently.

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Electing to add a border to your floor is also a great way to give a personal touch to the look of your space. The border can be stained a different color, adding dimension and visual draw. For added appeal you can even use natural materials such as leaves and sticks, or purposely “damage” the concrete by adding veins or cracks to give your floor special details and patterns.

Concrete Stain is Not Paint

Concrete stain does not work like, look like, or have an application process like paint. If you are choosing to stain your concrete floor yourself you should understand that the stain will not be applied as you would paint, and unlike paint you will need to rinse away a residue once the stain has dried in order to reveal the true color of the stain. Also ensure that you are attempting to apply the stain to properly prepared concrete. The stain will not work on a painted surface, or any concrete that has glue, curing agents, or any type of oil.

Stained Concrete is Not Perfect

If your goal for your floor is a perfectly smooth, blemish-free finish, stained concrete may not be the right option for you. The stain will react in its own way with your concrete and may result in shade variations or emphasis of any flaws in the concrete. These give your floors impressive character and visual interest, but it may not be right for everyone. Make sure you ask for a sample of what your floor may look like before choosing to have the entire area stained.

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