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3 Reasons Why Stained Floors are Beautiful

The stained concrete floors in Orlando are not difficult to install and do not cut holes in your pockets. That is why for practical owners, the staining application is their easy choice for resurfacing worn-out floors.

stained concrete floors orlando

This is perfect for Historic houses and properties you inherited from your parents. It gives you ease in remodeling your homes by allowing you to recycle the original concrete flooring material. It saves your time and finances.

If you still find why to choose the stained concrete for reviving your old concrete slabs, this blog is for you. Read on and focus on three important reasons for staining.

Brief Definition: What Are Stained Floors?

Here are stained floors once again. Recall some of the basics in a jiffy.

  • Stained floors use concrete pigments that create a translucent effect on the surface
  • Stained floors have two methods: water-based stain and acid-based stain
  • Staining is a cost-efficient flooring application. It is quick to apply and finishes fast
  • It seals a concrete, whether its an old and new flooring slab

Stained concrete is most applicable to interior floorings. Most of them give an iridescent surface that looks like marbled floors.

The following will let you focus on the three of the best concrete staining benefits.

Clean Floors

The first one and the most important of all is having clean floors. Staining applications have a unique way of hiding away old flooring look, no matter how worn out and messy.

Low Maintenance

While it keeps the flooring surface clean, you can sit back, relax and pay attention to your chores on due. Stained concrete floors are low maintenance.

Interior Concrete Staining

This is why stained concrete is a must-have. You don’t want to spend too much time scrubbing an expanse of concrete. A massive hall with floors strong across the room would consume all day to get cleaned, leaving no spots of dirt.

Concrete finished with staining is what you must have, especially for commercial spaces that need quick but spotless cleaning. Do this among commercial spaces, restaurants, hallways in the hotels, and other commercial buildings.

Floor Protection

The stained application does not only design a stylish effect on the concrete surface. That would also serve as a flooring sealer that protects the concrete slab from the dangers of moisture and water leaking into the floor’s cementitious layers.

Remember that water is the concrete floor’s all-time nemesis. Staging compounds, whether water-based satin or acid staining, helps to compact the porous material. It minimizes the tiny holes and pores where air and water can seep through and weaken the cement.

If you are interested in learning more on concrete staining or if you’re thinking to have your interior floors stained, it is best to contact a decorative concrete expert. They will help you with your inquiries as well as give you a quotation if you need one.

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