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Decorative Concrete Orlando

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We offer an exciting range of Sundek applications that work over existing cement surfaces and older decorative coatings:

Are you experiencing some cracks on your sidewalks, entryways, patios, and pool decks? 

You need concrete resurfacing to prevent these damages! 

Sun Surfaces Orlando specializes in unique, decorative Orlando concrete work and offers an array of premium Sundeck product installations.

Outstanding Concrete Resurfacing Services Since 1970

Exterior and Interior Appeal. Imagine a showroom shine on that garage floor or a colorful, slip-resistant pool decking coatings. 

Envision an inviting entrance to your Winter Park retail space, along with interior flooring that truly sets the scene. These are all achievable with our experienced resurfacing contractors and company in Orlando, FL.

concrete pool deck resurfacing

More Than Beautiful Surfaces

If your driveway is cracked or that old entryway is beginning to chip and flake, we provide SMART SOLUTIONS that solve the problem and RESTORE your property’s good looks. 

Our professional Sun Surfaces teams, armed with the best tools and concrete overlays, renovate and repair the appearance of any old pool deck, cracked patio, and worn retail floors. 

We cater to homeowners and business clients alike, ensuring top-quality materials under the trusted name of Sun Surfaces are used to deliver results with long-lasting benefits, such as:

east coast home concrete stamping
stamped concrete driveway windermere fl

More Than Beautiful Surfaces

Whether you’re sprucing up the house or renovating a commercial center, our creative professionals at Concrete Contractor Orlando are at your service.

We enjoy working with your plans and designing affordable options that fit your style and needs. 

We take care of traditional concrete sealing and detailed stamped overlays with the same attention to detail. 

Our craftsmanship gives you wonderful decorating choices with stenciling that replicates stone, brick, hardwood floors, or tile. 

Your color choices are unlimited with our staining techniques, and we offer custom applications that include the full line of Sundek products. 

From aggregate finishes to satin shines, we turn your old flooring Orlando FL into beautiful surfaces that will definitely look like new floors.

Our Professional Commitment to You and your Decorative Concrete Floors

We invite you to explore our online gallery to view a diverse range of our projects. You’ll find ideas and inspiration for home, office, and landscaping projects that showcase the aesthetic enhancement and durability of our work. Additionally, we feature a convenient Request Quote form.

Call us today at (407) 423-3342 for more information about all our outstanding Sun Surfaces products, processes, and services related to concrete flooring renovation in Orlando, FL.

We are one of the trusted flooring contractors in Orlando, FL, and we look forward to being your decorative concrete specialists!

Find a decorative contractor in your area by searching for “decorative concrete near me.

We also offer decorative services in driveways, walkways, patios, garages, and the nearby areas of Orlando, making it convenient for residents of Winter Park, FL, and surrounding communities to access our top-notch services. We are experts in stamping, staining (including Acid Stain, SunColor, SunGlaze)  , spray knockdown texture coatings, epoxy, and more! 


The price range varies between $3-$12 per square foot depending on where you live as well as how many levels are needed for grinding until smooth surfaces are reached.

– Acid Stain Concrete Flooring
– Screen Printed Art Paper Flooring
– Painted Concrete Floors
– Leather Belt Flooring. (if you’re into that)

The cost of a polished concrete floor is $2 to $6 per square foot. More elaborate finishes can be as much as an extra dollar or two more than that.

Polished concrete floors are a cost-effective, low maintenance option. Timber floorboards may be more attractive and warmer but ultimately they will always end up costing you more in the long run.

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