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Concrete Driveways Orlando, FL

Some people are happy to have a concrete driveway and that’s been the standard  for a number of years, but there isn’t much that is attractive about raw concrete drives.  In today’s innovative society, a concrete can become a very attractive component of the home with the many decorative concrete options available.

Stain colors have become so diverse that driveways can be closely matched to resemble brick, roofing, or any of the other traditional exterior amenities of the home.  With proper coatings applied to stained concrete, the colors are protected and the surface remains durable for many years to come.  Applications remain looking great with a simple pressure washing upon occasion.

Why Choose Concrete?

In most cases, asphalt paving is the least expensive way to procure a driveway, and some homeowners actually prefer the stark black of asphalt as opposed to gray concrete, but they are typically the minority.  Asphalt is hot, it constantly bleeds in sunny weather, and it does not hold up for nearly as many years as concrete does. In hot summer months, it doesn’t feel too great on bare feet, either.

Even concrete that has cracked or become heavily stained can be revived and topped to produce a very appealing surface.  All that can really be done for asphalt is to apply another coat or a spray on sealer, and neither of those does much to improve the appearance.

Simply having the option to improve the looks of the exterior of your home at some future date is reason enough to choose concrete over asphalt.  Of course, having a new concrete pour imprinted, stained, or overlaid is a great way to add value to your home.

Now or Later – Which is Best?

Considering that the base or foundation of anything is the key to how well it performs, many homeowners prefer to allow several years to pass after their driveways are poured before they have any special coating or finish applied. This allows for traffic over the concrete surface to locate any weak spots caused by inferior base materials or weak points in the concrete itself.

If the concrete doesn’t show any deterioration after many years of use, it is safe to assume that a topping will hold up well.

Concrete that has special finishes applied to it costs more than a standard pour and finish project.  It may not be in the budget to imprint concrete when you first build a home and pour the driveway, but coatings can be applied at most any time after the original pour.

A decorative concrete drive can give a property stunning curb appeal. Why have a dull gray concrete when you can have something so much more? If you still aren’t sure whether to choose asphalt or concrete, keep in mind too the environmentally friendly aspects of concrete as opposed to a blacktop surface.